!!! Marianas Web (The Deepest of Deep Web) !!! – RESTRICTED – CANNOT UNSEE

…or possibly just throwback internet that reminds some of us of how the internet was in 1996. The sad truth, for all the thrill seekers out there, out to find that shred of extra classified info, or that super secret site that is so well obscured from everyone; Chances are, unless you’re already in the know, you’re not going to find it.

This is a completely obligatory post that I can’t help but throw out there for people new to this whole “Deep Web” thing. The concept of the deep web is one that is lost on so many new comers, and it is shown by their constant and frivolous requests for all the most unrealistic, silly, and/or awful things you might imagine, and it seems as if more flood in every day. So let’s clear up some things…

This is the Deep Web Right?

Sure, yeah. I mean…no, kinda but not really. You’ve hit the edge of a concept, .onion sites are hidden services that work because you are using the TOR Network, these sites aren’t available from a non-torrified connection (unless they’ve been indexed and shared out into the clearweb – which happens enough), and as such are not available your typical web crawler (the things search engines use to index the searchable internet.) This much you know, or God help you, SHOULD know if you’re reading this page.

But…………even though this does qualify as *part of* the deep web, it is not the “Deep Web” in its entireity. The deep web being anything non-indexable to search engines means that any given number of dynamic pages, private servers, proxys, and other password protected corners of the internet are also deep web. Just because you get a taste of built-in (semi)anonymity and sites that don’t end in .com, .net, .org, etc., etc., etc.; doesn’t mean that this is the end all be all for anonymous non-public online activity, it is just one of many realms of deep web content (and a relatively small realm at that.)

I heard that this is the place to buy, see, do <insert unspeakable thing here>.

There is no lack of very real, very non-clearweb type stuff going on at any given moment in time on .onion sites. You can become embroiled in any number of illegal activities, find copious amounts of CP, and find those files that might have been conveniently whitewashed from the clearweb, but you’re also just as likely to get trolled, ripped off, and/or arrested for being a stupid person. (Perhaps even Dox’d and Cthulu’d….)

The majority of people start on the Hidden Wiki, but to be honest, it almost sets a bad precedent for new comers who think they’ve really found the bottom of the world. Remember that at the end of the day TOR was meant to be anonymous for people who needed it for fairly straight forward reasons (people in censored countries, whistle blowers, journalists, etc.) Crazy wild stuff co-exists here, because people doing it benefit from the same anonymity. I won’t editorialize on moral implications of things, but needless to say, selling/buying black market items and info, getting restricted files, performing currency exchanges, and looking at dirty pictures and videos of people under the age of 18 is common enough that you can usually find a legitimate link to it somewhere (though might I suggest you do a little better than running tor browser on your Windows PC, and looking a little further than the hidden wiki.)

The problem is that people tend to put all the emphasis on the illegal portion of things, so they come to expect it as the norm. In reality, TOR is kinda like the internet was in the mid 90’s, nobody had themselves out there with their real details, and there was a certain level of expected knowledge; those who failed to live up to it were openly harangued, and nobody felt sorry for them. The same is true here, but with half a million people out here trying to get into deep web illicit activity, instead of getting derrided (which is still a possibility) you’re more likely to find someone who is down to openly rip you off, or worse, set you up and imprison you.

So where can I find <unspeakable thing> then?

Well…it’s like this:

If people are having open dialogue about it, it’s there. The most obvious way I can tell you is to get in on one of the various forums / question boards / chats, and find people who are into the same stuff, they should point you in the right direction – That is, if you trust them. If you’ve learned anything it should be that you shouldn’t be trusting any one person, thus before you pull the trigger, find the general consensus and not just one person on one sites’ say so.

If you can’t find it anywhere on the other hand, it doesn’tĀ  mean it doesn’t exist, it just means it’s obscured for good purpose. If you recall the fact that TOR hidden services are a small portion of deep web content, you might assume that perhaps some of the more sensitive of things aren’t handled on a .onion site. Don’t despair though, whatever your twisted purpose, someone on here likely knows the answer, but you may consider the fact that if even asking about it gets people pissed, you need to put in the time to find the right (wrong?) type of people and build rapport with them. It’s my guess though, that if you’re sending messages in plain text not encrypted with the person’s public pgp key, they’re not going to be taking you seriously, because if you’re talking about something that equates to a lifetime in some dark hole if the facts get out, you sure as hell better know what pgp is and how to use it.

About Everything

As a way of introduction let me write a little about me and a sort of intro to everything, maybe along the way there will be something in here that will convince you that any of this is worth reading.

So I’m T, which is as good a handle as any to remain as anonymous as one might please without being as impersonal as calling myself “user294768” or “anonymous69” or “qwertyMaster666” or any other such name. Ultimately I’m just some guy (you’ve cut the group in half, I self identify as male) who has a love of information, a hatred of censorship, and a good deal of apathy when it comes to much else.

This site as suggested is about everything, by which I mean anything, it is true that when gone over with a fine tooth comb one might find my subject matter gravitates towards one thing or another, but ultimately I see no point in trying to define one subject or thing and say “this is a site about X”, “X is fun”, “I like X alot”, “X, X, X, X, X….” when all the while the presence of any other given number of topics are swimming about in my head and get left out because they fail to fit into a site about X.

So why then? Why does this site about “everything” really need to be hosted as a .onion? Is the information illicit in nature? Does it contain restricted, privelledged, and dangerous information? The truth is, there is a very real possibility that the things I write are about things illicit in nature, there’s a possibility that the information could be restricted, privelleged, or even dangerous, but then again it could just be me writing about “every day” stuff, tellingĀ  stories, or trying to give perspective, then again I don’t always see the difference. So to answer “WHY” the answer is this: Because whatever the thing, the clearweb is no place for forward thinking, largely unrestricted individuals to be in this day in age.

It boils down to this, information is power and the moment you start worrying that knowing the full story or understanding all the details is going to land you in trouble, censorship has robbed you of power. I live in most regards a tame life, but when push comes to shove, many of things I’ve been involved in, seen, or been privy to, go beyond what most would consider normal, right, or sane; It’s enough to make a person not want to have a real name anywhere near it…